What Are Pro Wine Tips?

They provide the “How To” and the “Why” of simple, fun, understandable, wine information

Too often, wine information online or in magazines takes the form of long winded “experts” talking down to you about what wines you should “adore” or some facet of “wine etiquette” you should be conforming to. On the other side, wine writers in print with a 200 word limit from their editor produce a few short, oversimplified, paragraphs about wine topics that really deserve a proper yet simple explanation. The result can be wine information that is incomplete, confusing or misleading.

Pro Wine Tips are fun, simple, illustrated tips and basic wine knowledge that will enable you get more out of every glass of wine as well as provide answers to common wine questions.

Some examples:

  • Tips for Storing Open Wine

  • What Are Tannins in Wine?

  • What Does It Mean to Say a Wine is Corked?.

When you subscribe, you will not be bombarded with giant text blocks of information and too many choices. Wine is a big subject, takes time and really can be a lot of fun and a little learning.

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Simple, illustrated hints and basic wine knowledge that will enable you to get more from every glass of wine as well as answers to common wine questions.


My interest in wine started on my wedding day. I have worked as a wine rep and in a B.C. only wine store. I hold the wine certification WSET 3 Advanced and created BCPinotNoirinfo.com. Wine travels include Germany, California, France & Oregon.